• We Design

    Engineering solutions ranging from research and development, up to pilot scale manufacturing and mass scale production. Learn More »

  • We Inert-ize

    Inert gloveboxes and gas purification systems for your standard and customized applications. Learn More »

  • We Coat

    High quality and flexible coating solutions for the research, development and production of thin films. Learn More »

  • We Contain

    Designing and developing containment isolator systems for the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, and nuclear industries. Learn More »

  • We Cover

    Encapsulation solutions in the back end process of organic devices. Learn More »

About MBraun

MBRAUN has over 40 years experience manufacturing inert glove box solutions for clean environments. Our core market segments include university, OLED research and mass production, lithium ion battery research and production, high intensity discharge lamps and ceramic lamp production, inert gas welding, pharmaceutical, nuclear containment and research in chemistry applications.

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