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Glovebox accessories and options

Accessories & Spare Parts

Anyone can use an empty glovebox - but we can make your glovebox not just a sealed box, but a process optimizer, with integrated options and extensions, perfectly suited to your application area. Below you will find a few examples of options and extensions, but feel free to inquire individually according to your need. We find solutions for your needs!


Integrated standalone system (no internet connection required) that allows you to activate glove box functions without having to remove your hands from the gloves.
All practical functions of the glove box can be controlled by voice, change of the working pressure, switch on/off the light, start the automatic antechamber cycle, switch on/off the ECO MODE, activate the glove box purge, adjust the temperature of the atmosphere or freezer, witch on/off the circulation.
You can also ask for oxygen and humidity values, freezer and atmosphere temperatures when the display is not visible, for example when the system is configured as a double-sided glove box.


  • Increases the working efficiency of the user, increases his comfort
  •  Manage easily your glovebox with your voice, without taking your hands off the gloves.
  •  Save time by controlling the antechambers cycles, by continuing to work
  •  Adjust the pressure in the glove box.
  •  No need to be connected to internet (standalone system)
  •  Available in English


  • Measurement of the Nitrogen concentration in Argon atmosphere
  • Specially developed for use in gloveboxes
  • Specifically adapted for Li battery applications (thin-film batteries)
  • Range 0 - 1.000ppm (N2)
  • Resolution 0,1ppm
  • Touch panel 7” included
  • Principle: Emission spectroscopy
  • The user can perform the calibration on-site

Spare Parts

In order to make it even easier for you to obtain quotations and place orders for our spare parts, we have created an online shop for you.

The possibilities of the MBRAUN online shop:

  • You have the possibility to create an offer in the shopping cart -> Within a few minutes you will receive the PDF offer by e-mail.
  • After approving the offer, you can convert it directly into an order online, or you can send us your order by e-mail
  • You can also simply order the parts you need directly without a quotation, pay after receiving the invoice or pay directly online (depending on the selected payment method)

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Deposition sources

Organic Molecular Evaporators (DE-Series)

  • Single-Source DE-x

Multiple Organic Molecular Evaporators (DE-Series)

  • Multi-Source Organic Evaporators DE-[multi]-x
  • Mini Multi-Source Evaporator DE-[multi]-0.5

Boat-Type Metal Evaporators (MEB-Series)

  • Boat-Type Metal Evaporators MEB-x

Crucible-Type Metal Evaporators (ME-Series)

  • Crucible-Type Metal Evaporators ME-x

Evaporator Specials

  • Multi-Zone Organic Molecular Evaporator
  • Multi-Source Assemblies
  • Retractable Evaporator Tool

Accessories: Crucibles & Boats

  • Crucibles
  • Metal Boats BO-x
  • Linear Evaporation Sources

Linear Evaporation Sources


Process Components

  • Wobble-Stick
  • In-Vacuum Material Reservoir
  • Substrate Heater
  • High-Temperature Substrate Heater
  • Heating-Cooling Station
  • Automated Mask Station
  • Segmented Viewport Shutter

Source Shutters

  • Rotational Shutter
  • Flip Shutter

Customized Feedthroughs

  • High-Current Feedthrough
  • Thermocouple Feedthrough
  • Multi-Pin Current Feedthrough
  • Feedthrough for Rate Sensor

In-Vacuum Connectors

Special Equipment

  • Vacuum Transport Box

Linear Evaporation Sources

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