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Glovebox Systems

LABstar pro

  • Compact design with integrated gas purifier unit
  • Modular box design for easy extension
  • Available in 12 sizes (single sided or double sided)
  • O2 and H2O < 1ppm
  • Closed loop circulation
  • Negative and positive pressure operation
  • Working gas: Argon oder  Nitrogen


The LABstar pro glovebox workstation is a ready to operate high quality glovebox system that meets your specific application requirements for inert and clean environments. The system has been designed for customers needing an economic research and development tool to do vital experiments under clean atmospheres.  Standard features of this system include a large main antechamber, a rotary vane vacuum pump and the MBRAUN programmable logic controller (PLC). The standard LABstar package comprises a single column inert gas purification system (fully automatic and regenerable) that purifies the glovebox atmosphere to levels of less than 1 ppm oxygen and moisture. This system can be operated with Argon or Nitrogen gas as working gas. As a matter of course the system is made available in full stainless steel piping. The enclosure is modular to extend easily  the system.

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