Nitrogen Analyzer


Do you know how much Nitrogen is in your Argon glovebox ?

Argon Glovebox Workstations from MBRAUN maintain oxygen and moisture levels below 1ppm but like all gloveboxes the workstation is highly susceptible to nitrogen entering the chamber via glove permeation, even though MBRAUN gloveboxes are constructed to guarantee a very high level of tightness.

Nitrogen enters a standard 2 port glovebox chamber at levels around 270 ppm per day. After 1 month of normal operation the so called “Argon” atmosphere could contain over 8000 ppm of nitrogen if not purged.

Nitrogen can have an adverse effect on your research if you use sensitive materials as Lithium.

MBRAUN recently launched the all new Nitrogen analyzer which accurately measures and alerts the user of increased levels of Nitrogen concentration in your Argon Glovebox Workstation. With this information users can choose the purge the atmosphere with fresh gas to decrease the levels of nitrogen or decide to upgrade the systems inert gas purification system.

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