The MBRAUN SAFEGUARD personal protection booth is a safe, convenient, and efficient way to examine possibly infected patients.

In addition, the SAFEGUARD booth can be utilized to control access points to a facility that requires additional safety measures before entry.

The SAFEGUARD booth is also designed for ease of use, mobility, and easy on-site installation. SAFEGUARD booth will reduce the need for PPE materials such as masks, gloves and gowns.

Need additional features? User protection is improved by the physical barriers such as the windows, gloves and walls compared to direct person to person contact. Increased protection with positive pressure and Hepa filtration efficiency of 99.95%.


  • In addition to other areas of application, the system is also suitable for the examination of COVID-19 patients in order to achieve increased protection for the nursing staff.
  • A safe, convenient and efficient way to examine possibly infected patients.
  • Safety overpressure feature ensures that airborne contaminants do not enter the box.
  • Reduced need for personal protection equipment including masks, gloves and gowns.
  • Easy to move and install within a facility or public space.
  • Includes blower and HEPA 13 filtration unit with 99.95% efficiency for particles with a diameter of .3 μm.
  • Weatherproof system design.


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