Closing down the LAB?


Closing down the LAB?

MBRAUN is aware that many labs are closing for an indeterminate amount of time and we wanted to offer some tips on leaving your glovebox unattended for a significant time period. Before leaving the glovebox unattended, we recommend the following:

  • Ensure there is a full gas supply
  • If your box runs on cylinders of gas, ensure a full cylinder is connected
  • Check & top off vacuum pump oil.
  • Leave the vacuum pump on.
  • Increase the box pressure. We recommend 7 mbar for the lower working pressure & 11 mbar for the upper working pressure. This will help minimize permeation into the box.
  • Leave your antechambers in static vacuum.
  • If time allows, a fresh regeneration is advisable so you can be sure the purifier bed has plenty of capacity to maintain your inert atmosphere.


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