Welding Gloveboxes


Entire industries rely on the various welding processes to manufacture high-quality joints. Especially high-performance materials used in aerospace and medical applications such as titanium are difficult to weld as they oxidize easily and become brittle. Furthermore, welders are often exposed to dangerous gases and particulate matter. MBRAUN's welding solutions address all these problems by enclosing the welding process in a controlled environment. This approach allows highly reproducible welding conditions and complete protection of the welder from hazardous fumes whilst preventing any kind of oxidation and therefore brittleness of the weld.

MB TIG 1010

  • TIG welding in pure argon
  • No additional gas protection necessary
  • Simple welding of complicated structures
  • Low gas consumption
  • Ready for welding within 10 ppm oxygen in about 10 minutes
  • Easy manual operation
  • Bench top system
  • Robust and sturdy construction for every day use
  • Mobile, can be carried to different work places
  • Side door ΓΈ250 mm


The MB-TIG-1010 bench top glove box platform is designed as a complete welding enclosure workstation with the capability to add gas purification systems and purge style antechambers. Operation enables you to easily load welding material into the box with the ability to purge with working gas (Nitrogen or Argon). Flow rate monitors, built in eye shields, and electrical connection board offers both safety and easy working power inside the box for all your welding tools. The MB-TIG-1010 is MBRAUN's recommended choice in small material welding under clean environments.

Large enclosures

Engineers at MBRAUN have in depth experience in designing and manufacturing complete solutions while helping to improve overall productivity. For example, larger more complex gloveboxes and custom enclosures are usually integrated into industrial production lines while smaller more conventional units are used for research and development.

No matter what volume

LABmaster pro

  • Compact design with powerful integrated gas purifier unit (DP as option for 24/7 purification)
  • Available in 12 sizes (single sided or double sided)
  • Modular box design for easy extension
  • O2 and H2O < 1ppm
  • Closed loop circulation
  • Negative and positive pressure operation
  • Working gas: Argon oder  Nitrogen


The LABmaster pro glove box workstation offers enhanced features and benefits to meet the demands of our clients. As the flagship model of MBRAUN glovebox workstations, the LABmaster pro can be easily configured with our entire line of specially designed process tools and can be fully integrated with other third party equipment.  The LABmaster pro has proven to be a superior glove box system in numerous research and manufacturing environments and is often utilized in emerging markets such as CHEMISTRY, BATTERY, OLED, PEROVSKITE.  With upgraded features and added benefits the LABmaster pro platform is your best choice to meet your growing application.

Clean jet

  • Effective dust and soot removal
  • Especially designed for reactive materials like titanium
  • Closed loop performance through gas tight connections
  • HEPA filter for best performance
  • Safe operation

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