Material Purification

Material Purification

Material Purification

We can purify molecular compounds as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), Biocides, Fluorescence markers, Intermediate materials in synthesis. Removing Impurities in organic substances, Residues of synthesis (catalysts, …), by-products of synthesis, Solvents, Pre-curser/fragments, Water, oxygen, oxidized/reduced compounds

Sublimation is a clean physical process without chemicals added. Advantages for you:

  • no new impurities caused from chemicals
  • no solvent wastes

We can offer purification services for small quantity materials to purify of to test your process and proof the efficiency.



Achieve ultra-high purities with our high-quality sublimation units

Cutting-edge technology requires ultra-pure materials in order to reach maximum efficiencies, brightness and device lifetime. Offering systems from R&D up to mass manufacturing, our sublimation units exceed our customers’ highest expectations.

The QUANTIpure® Purification System

The QUANTIpure® technology is an innovative and highly efficient purification technology. Based on more than 15 years of experience in vacuum sublimation,  MBRAUN designed and engineered this new family of purification systems. In contrast to classical sublimation tools, the systems are not based on a glass tube. With our novel QUANTIpure® technology we break the trade-off between quality and purification yield. Combined with precise process control, these systems bring superior purification.

Standard high-purity materials

We offer customers in-stock high-purity materials for organic electronics. We use our own proprietary purification technique to guarantee the highest purities at very competitive cost. All our high-purity materials have undergone one or multiple sublimation steps to reach their final state. Our standard materials are available for quantities ideal for R&D and production.

Material Purification Service

Contract Sublimation

A core competence at MBRAUN Dresden is in-house contract manufacturing. Our team of highly skilled researchers and physicists works with customers to develop a purification process that can be easily scaled up to meet production demands, while offering cost-effective solutions for the production of highly pure material.


Material Yield Optimization

We offer purification services for organic molecular compounds and similar substances ("small molecules"). Through our vast experience and proven equipment and processes, we can get the best out of your material. Independent of the initial purity of the raw materials, we aim for purities >99.9%, typically even >99.99%, depending on your specific requirements. Process design also includes optimization of the material yield.

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