Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing in gloveboxes

Additive Manufacturing

As it offers the largest gas purification system range, MBRAUN can propose a suitable solution under ultra-pure process conditions and low gas consumption for every volume to meet the different demands of the marketplace.

The company also develops and implements systems for laser additive manufacturing such as gas tight enclosures for SLM processes and 3D printing.

In the field of customized solutions like LMD and laser welding titanium components MBRAUN leaves nothing to be desired - irrespective of whether it is about innovative concepts for the automation of R&D systems or about safety equipment.

MBRAUN´s thinking is geared to the requirements of future processes in research, development and production.

Large enclosures

Engineers at MBRAUN have in depth experience in designing and manufacturing complete solutions while helping to improve overall productivity. For example, larger more complex gloveboxes and custom enclosures are usually integrated into industrial production lines while smaller more conventional units are used for research and development.

No matter what volume

Clean jet

  • Effective dust and soot removal
  • Especially designed for reactive materials like titanium
  • Closed loop performance through gas tight connections
  • HEPA filter for best performance
  • Safe operation

Inert Gas Purifiers (G-series)

  • For Standard enclosures
  • Removes O2/H2O <1ppm
  • Solvent trap as option
  • myMBRAUN
  • Easy to use
  • Up to 5m³


  • Demanding and/or large enclosure volume
  • Dedicated to industrial application
  • Interface to customer control system
  • Modular construction
  • Solvent trap
  • Up to 220m³ enclosure volume

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