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Solvent Drying Solutions

2 Solvent-Drying smLaboratories that are currently working with synthesis require efficient methods with which to dry organic solvents. Many of these methods call for the use of highly reactive metals or metal hydride as well as distillation processes which increase the risk of fires and/or explosions in the laboratory. Explosions can occur when hot solvents that are present during the distillation process, which removes the solvent from the desiccant, spontaneously ignites.

A Non-Explosive Solution

1 Solvent-Drying smA non explosive solution that is quickly gaining popularity in the laboratory dries solvent utilizing exchangeable filter cartridges filled with drying material. These solvent drying systems are equipped with many new and improved safety items that include, but are not limited to, solvent storage cabinets, over pressure valves, color coded solvent lines, and fume hoods to extract harmful solvent vapor away from the user. Although some labs have been reluctant to adopt this new technology because of capital cost and user experiences in the past, many groups find these systems invaluable to their research needs.

MBRAUN offers a wide range of solvent purification (Drying) system configurations that can meet both budget and application specification. The MB-SPS-800 is the industry's most effective, efficient and safest solution for drying solvents by absorbing water utilizing filter media like alumina or molecular sieves.

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