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Oxygen and Moisture Removal Solutions

Many of today's technologies employ high-performance materials which are harmed when handled or processed under ambient conditions. Most commonly the presence of moisture and oxygen are the principal air components which shall be excluded from the process environment.

Oxygen-and-Moisture-removal pix smTherefore technologies are required which allow running processes under oxygen and moisture free conditions. Two predominant techniques have been established to address this specific problem – vacuum technology and inertgas technology. Whilst vacuum bases on the principle of creating nearly gas free environments by evacuating rigid structures to pressures less than 10-9 mbar, the inertgas technology selectively removes harmful components from the air resulting in a completely oxygen and moisture free working environment at ambient pressure. The main benefit between both approaches is that inertgas technology is compatible with all kinds of equipment, processes, and system enclosure sizes offering full auto and manual access at a fraction of the costs of normal vacuum systems. In case of the vacuum technology many tools are not vacuum proof, solvent containing materials cannot be processed and manual interaction is almost impossible.

Since its foundation in 1976 MBRAUN has been able to offer its comprehensive product portfolio of interdisciplinary systems which combine vacuum technology as well as inertgas technology.

The core element of a well-designed inertgas-system is the MBRAUN gas purifier. This unit is a closed-loop system with integrated, fully regenerable scrubber units which selectively remove moisture, oxygen and solvents from an inertgas stream. Most commonly nitrogen, argon or helium is used as the process gas. Depending on system size and application MBRAUN offers an array of gas purifiers ranging from economical solutions for research applications up to high-end systems which find frequent use in large scale production environments such as the FPD-industry.

Connected to the purifier is a gas-tight, hermetically sealed enclosure called a glovebox These system come either in standardized sizes mainly used for research and development or in customized designs for industrial use in which they can reach sizes of entire cleanrooms.

Depending on the application, the complexity of the process and the size of the involved equipment MBRAUN supports its global customer base in choosing the inertgas systems which is most suitable for each specific need. Please contact us if we can help you in specifying your system.