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Functional Coatings

1 Functional-Coatings smCoating in general is defined as a material (usually a liquid) which is applied onto a surface and appears as either a continuous or discontinuous film after drying. Coatings are mainly applied on surfaces for decorative, protective, or functional purposes, but in most cases it is a combination of these. The term "functional coatings" describes systems which possess, besides the classical properties of a coating (i.e., decoration and protection), an additional functionality. This additional functionality may be diverse, and depend upon the actual application of a coated substrate. Typical examples of functional coatings are self-cleaning, anti-static, anti-reflective and anti-bacterial whereas typical expectations of functional coatings include durability, reproducibility, easy application and cost effectiveness, tailored surface morphology and environmental friendliness.

Functional coatings can be classified as several types depending on their functional characteristics

Functional-Coating smMBRAUN offers dedicated solutions to coat thin functional films onto a variety of substrates. Specifically for photo luminescent, barrier, conductive and dielectric coatings MBRAUN is able to provide tailored solutions. The product portfolio covers thereby even processes upstream of the actual coating technique, the application of the coating itself as well as the post-treatment. For pretreatment processes drying ovensUV-Cleaning and Plasma-Cleaning systems in integrated as well as standalone units are part of the scope of supply. Post treatment is covered by a range of UV-curing and thermal curing solutions. For the latter vacuum hotplates and convection ovens are most commonly used.

For the coating itself two product lines are offered – one series for coating under vacuum and the other for coating under ambient pressure conditions. PVD (physical vapor deposition)spin coatinginkjetting and even slot-die-coating are available and can be equipped with a comprehensive set of optional features.

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