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Automation 2 smThe MBRAUN Systems Automation Department develops and implements advanced and innovative concepts for the automation of R&D systems, pilot production lines up to industrial scale manufacturing systems. As a member of the Indus Holding Group MBRAUN benefits from a synergy effect from other corporate divisions within Indus to support our customers in every phase of the project.

Main advantages of automated systems are:

  • increased quality in the manufacturing process
  • reduced operation time and handling time
  • improved repeatability, precision and reproducibility of processes and products

Automation 3 smProcesses that require both clean environments and highly specialized process tooling are designed by a team of professionals at MBRAUN. We can supply the entire line of machinery and integrated handling systems completely from one source. MBRAUN works together with a network of business partners which are world renowned experts in specific fields such as welding, vacuum deposition, encapsulation, functional coatings, pharmaceutical industries, data management, optical inspection and many more.

We work with our customers and support them in order to define the most economical solution from simple handling up to complete robot aided manufacturing lines.

Please contact MBRAUN for more information regarding our automation capabilities.