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Engineering and Design

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Driven by the company's slogan, "turning ideas into solutions", MBRAUN offers its clients comprehensive engineering & design services towards the implementation of a complete system solution. Starting from standard solutions up to the most complex designs, our application specialized project teams manage all aspects of the system during the life span of the project.

Scope of services

  • System design and layout design
  • Engineering, software development, and simulations
  • Equipment assembly and start up, production support
  • CE certification for entire system
  • Handling solutions
  • Robot integration, gripping systems, and robot cells
  • Image processing systems and safety devices
  • Operational and process data acquisition
  • Tracking and tracing of process information

The Right Choice

A good engineering and design department results in a successful, cost-effective system solution that limits the risk of potential major design changes, higher project costs, and timeline delays. To achieve excellence in design, MBRAUN employs talented engineers with years of experience in their respective disciplines. Both our project and quality Managers work closely with our engineering teams to guarantee that all designs reflect the highest level of expertise as well as the utmost attention to detail.

The simplicity and robustness of the design means that we can use the glovebox without worry.


MBRAUN has implemented a robust quality certifications program in all its branches to verify each design with a high level of detail. To further ensure that the designs meet client specification, several reviews with the customer, project manager and engineering department are conducted prior to release for production.

In addition to our engineering and design capabilities, MBRAUN is able to draw upon our good working relationship with many local and worldwide vendors to prepare efficient estimates of total projects costs for the solutions we design and develop. Please contact us for more information.


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Automated material handling, positioning and transport systems

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Contract Development

Developing and manufacturing clean environment solutions

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System Integration

Specially integrated solutions under clean environments