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The MB-VOH-Mini is the most compact design in MBRAUN's vacuum oven series. The VOH mini was designed for being used with gloveboxes and serves two main distinct functions. The first function transfers material into and out of the inert environment and the second function allows for the heating of the material under a controlled vacuum and temperature condition.

Due to its compact size and a maximum operating of 150°C the MB-VOH-Mini is the ideal choice for small devices that have to be heated or dried before being transferred into the glovebox. The small internal volume of the chamber allows for quick evacuation cycles and the integrated sliding tray offers correct positioning of the material to be heated. An external heating jacket heats up the material so particle sensitive heating processes can be carried out.

To cure larger material at higher temperatures the VOH-series includes two other systems – the MB-VOH-250 and the MB-VOH-600 – which offer additional features and a comprehensive set of optional upgrades.

Please contact us for choosing the right oven type to meet your heating process needs.


  • Designed specifically to operate under vacuum conditions
  • Easy transfer of goods into and out of the glovebox
  • Available as both standalone and glovebox integrated versions
  • Maximum temperature of 150° C
  • Maximum vacuum level 5 x 10-2 mbar
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Inner and outer door insulated cover lid design
  • External heating jacket
  • CE compliant
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