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The MB-VOH-600 is most powerful oven system in the VOH product line when it comes to maximum temperature. Featuring the same large heating zone as the MB-VOH-250, this oven can reach operating temperatures of up to 600°C and vacuum levels of down to 5 x 10-2 mbar.

Equipped with water cooled flanges towards the glovebox and heat shielding inside the oven as well as being completely encapsulated with external heat insulation, the design adheres to all aspects of safe operation and user protection. Rapid ramp-up and quick cool-down offer the opportunity to heat treat even the most demanding materials at a given tact time under controlled vacuum and temperature conditions. This possibility makes this oven a reliable partner in pilot scale or manufacturing environments where high temperatures, high vacuum conditions and safe operation have to be aligned with a defined process tact time.

In addition to the advanced heating features of the MB-VOH-600 oven the design also allows for standard antechamber function of loading and unloading material to and from the glovebox system.

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  • Designed specifically to operate under vacuum conditions
  • Water cooled connecting flanges
  • Heat shielding
  • Easy transfer of goods into and out of the glovebox
  • Available as both standalone and glovebox integrated versions
  • Maximum temperature of 600° C
  • Maximum ramp-up rate 5 K/min
  • Maximum vacuum level 5 x10-2 mbar
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Inner and outer door open in vertical direction
  • Internal heating coil
  • CE compliant
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