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The MB-VOH-250 is MBRAUN's most versatile vacuum oven in the VOH series. As part of MBRAUN's standard main antechamber design, this particular oven features a larger heating zone compared to the MB-VOH-Mini allowing for the heating of larger and more unconventionally shaped material.

Furthermore the increased operating temperature of up to 250°C offers the possibility to quickly dry and cure a wide range of materials. In addition to having a larger heating zone and available vacuum bake mode at elevated temperatures, this oven is capable of heat treating materials and components under inert gas at ambient pressure levels.

Being the standard feature in the VOH product line the MB-VOH-250 serves two main distinct functions. The first function transfers material into and out of the inert environment and the second function allows for the heating of the material under a controlled vacuum and temperature condition.

The MB-VOH-250 has become the industry standard in oven technology and is being utilized in applications that include University research as well as in industrial manufacturing. The VOH oven series sets the standards when controlled heating under vacuum and/or inert conditions is required.

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  • Designed specifically to operate under vacuum conditions
  • Easy transfer of goods into and out of the glovebox
  • Available as both standalone and glovebox integrated versions
  • Maximum temperature of 250° C
  • Maximum vacuum level 5 x 10-2 mbar
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Inner and outer door open in vertical direction
  • Internal heating coil
  • CE compliant
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