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Vacuum Ovens

The thermal processes inside a vacuum oven occur in a sealed chamber where a specific vacuum level has been applied utilizing an external vacuum pump. Depending on the application the oven can be designed to reach vacuum levels in the sub-mbar range, temperatures of up to 2,500°C and run heating processes under dry nitrogen or even reactive gases such as hydrogen. MBRAUN offers a variety of chamber sizes, oven types and pump configurations to meet the process requirements of various applications. For demanding requests MBRAUN frequently designs tailored oven solutions.

1 VacuDryMB-VacuumDryer

The MBRAUN MB-VacuumDryer represents the most economical solution for air-sensitive substances and thermally instable products that require drying under controlled conditions in a dust-free vacuum atmosphere.

1 VOH-miniMB-VOH-Mini

The MB-VOH-mini is the most compact design in MBRAUN's vacuum oven series. Due to its compact size the VOH-mini has a maximum temperature of 150°C and is the ideal choice for small devices that have to be heated or dried before being transferred into the glovebox.

1 VOH 250MB-VOH-250

The MB-VOH-250 is MBRAUN's most versatile vacuum oven in the VOH series. As part of MBRAUN's standard main antechamber design, this particular oven features a larger heating zone compared to the VOH-mini allowing for the heating of larger and more unconventionally shaped material.

1 VOH-OvenMB-VOH-600

The MBRAUN MB-VOH-600 is most powerful oven system in the VOH product line when it comes to maximum temperature. Featuring the same large heating zone as the MB-VOH-250, this oven can reach operating temperatures of up to 600°C and vacuum levels of down to 5 x 10-2 mbar.

1 HT-OvenMB-HT High Temperature Ovens

MBRAUN High temperature ovens are often utilized in the sealing of HID lamps. Designs include a double walled stainless steel consisting of the body and lids. Ovens can be offered glovebox integrated or as standalone configuration.