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The MBRAUN Hotplate Stack (MB-HPL-Stack) System is based on resistively heated, stacked hot plate technology. It has been designed to provide a space saving, flexible and modular tool with high productivity, excellent process repeatability and minimum cost of ownership. In the standard setup the unit contains three stacked aluminum hot plates which can process three 200 x 200 mm substrates simultaneously. Different operation modes are available so that the hotplates can be either run using the identical recipe or individual settings thus enabling the operator to do batch manufacturing or examine the effects of different parameters respectively. In general the design allows gradual heating of substrates under controlled conditions that is typically required for low-temperature curing applications, without sacrificing productivity.

Each hot plate has an embedded heater for temperature control and is significantly larger and thicker than the substrate to provide a nearly isothermal processing environment. An excellent temperature uniformity of ±1.0°C at 200°C is achieved due to the relatively large thickness of the hot plates and the high thermal conductivity of aluminum. Servo-motor driven lifting pins are used to maintain a precise, equal distance between the substrate and the respective hot plate whereas the maximum substrate-hotplate gap is 20 mm.

During processing the individual substrate is placed on the pins and non-contact heating from the hot plate below occurs by way of natural convection, thereby preventing thermal shock and ensuring a gradual rise in temperature. The system's gentle heating of the substrates and convection flow of outgassed species to the exhaust clearly help prevent particle generation.

Additional optional items such as process gas lines, cool plates, a UV-Cleaner, a plasma cleaner or a HDMS-unit are available upon request and are fully compatible with the stacker. Thus, the system provides very high economic value, not only from a reliability point of view but also through process simplification.

Please contact us if you have questions choosing the right hotplate configuration for your specification needs.


  • Compact and robust design
  • Three different operation modes
  • Operating temperature range 25 – 400 °C
  • Excellent temperature uniformity
  • Processes three 200 x 200 mm substrates simultaneously
  • Competitive throughput
  • Fast installation and process qualification
  • No consumables and minimal maintenance
  • Minimal facility requirement
  • Energy efficient
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