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Custom Isolator and Containment

Most isolators and containment systems are customized because of the diversity of needs among industries, applications and users. At MBRAUN, we choose from several customization approaches depending on the contained environment needs.

When possible, we begin with one of our standard isolators and then make alterations. This customization approach minimizes cost. It's useful for simple dimensional changes, alteration of transfer mechanisms and devices, integration of machinery and equipment, inclusion of multiple chambers, and compatibility with particular cleaning devices.

By contrast, we use a full-customization approach when containment systems have to be added to existing production equipment. This is often the case with capsule filling machines, blister machines, mills and other large equipment. We follow an MBRAUN process aimed at creating a high-value solution in the shortest possible time.

The creation of custom isolators and containment systems require close collaboration with our customer to fully understand the needs to be met. We then apply our process knowledge gained over decades of experience in the multiple industries that use contained environments.

Some of the challenges during development of customized isolators are:

  • Remaining realistic with requirements (sometimes a process alteration can yield a 50% savings on isolator cost)
  • Shared project management
  • Safety measures for moving machinery
  • Environmental requirements
  • Customer-specific requirements (internal rules)
  • Work process knowledge and understanding

We follow international norms and regulations from first customer contact to final product delivery, including qualification and validation. MBRAUN isolators achieve an Operator Exposure Level of 5 nanograms per cubic meter over 8 hours.

Please contact us if you have questions choosing the right isolator containment system for your specification needs.


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