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Isolator systems are designed to meet the challenges and market requirements for low OEL containment systems in Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical devices, Radiopharmaceutical and Nuclear industries. A specialized group within MBRAUN called MECALAB is dedicated to meeting the exacting clean and controlled environment needs of these industries. Isolator technology provides a safe working environment, both ergonomically and safety for operators in research, manufacture, testing and handling hazardous materials.

Isolator and Containment Technology

Our dedicated MECALAB team members have detailed knowledge of both material handling procedures and the regulatory environment. They're your contact point with MBRAUN, ready to answer your requests and meet your application requirements.

Decades of experience have provided us a large installed customer base with references in all areas of application, from lab-size standard isolators to containment systems for complex production machinery.

At MBRAUN, we follow international and regulatory norms from our first contact with you to final product, including qualification and validation. We produce isolators to an Operator Exposure Level of 5 nanograms per cubic meter over 8 hours.

If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for in our isolator products then contact us as we have supplied systems into many other unique applications and always look for new challenges.


This standalone workstation is of stainless steel construction with a single piece welded box body with radius ball corners that minimize any unwanted cracks or crevices where your active product can hide.


The creation of custom isolators and containment systems require close collaboration with our customer to fully understand the needs to be met.


Discharge isolators are generally customized systems. In most cases, they're equipped with automatic or semi-automatic docking stations or automatic valves.


Filter dryer isolators are closed systems with built-in stirrers that can be pressurized and evacuated for multiple production steps.


Isolators for research and development applications often involved a combination of isolator types.


The manufacturing of active and highly active pharmaceutical ingredients (API and HAPI) has become a growth area in the drug industry.


Sampling isolators have the ability to connect to most types of sampling ports on a wide range of equipment.


These isolators are available as standard and customized systems. Standard systems are used in analytical and quality control applications and customized systems are for production level weighing and distribution.


Traditional aseptic isolators suffer from several design shortcomings. MBRAUN has addressed these shortcomings in a single-pass aseptic isolator system.


Aseptic recirculation isolators are well matched to applications that require user-friendly operation and ease of decontamination.


Class III Biosafety isolators are fully enclosed glovebox systems that separate the operator and outside environment from the hazardous materials inside.


Containment solutions from MBRAUN cover the hazard spectrum from highly active and toxic substances to simple dust hazards.