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The MB-200-G-N-I allows for a combined removal of oxygen, moisture and nitrogen to values below 1 ppm from inertgases such as Argon or Helium. The purifier is frequently used in both university and industrial applications, where it is necessary to remove the three mentioned gases from inert atmospheres. Typical applications are battery research and manufacturing, HID lamps and certain welding processes.

Two fully regenerable reactor columns for the removal of oxygen and moisture allow for continuous operation and maintain ultra-low levels of oxygen and moisture inside the connected inert enclosure. An additional unit removes nitrogen utilizing a special reactor type which is filled with a heated Titanium sponge. All functions of the removal processes are integrated into a Siemens PLC, whereas special care was taken to prevent any overheating of the nitrogen removal reactor.

In addition a stand-alone nitrogen removal system is available which was designed to retrofit existing gas purifiers with nitrogen removal function. Please contact MBRAUN for more information.


    • One reactor column for N2
    • Double reactor columns for continuous 24/7 operation (for H2O and O2)
    • Optimum performance for attached enclosure volumes up to 5 m³
    • Removal of oxygen, moisture <1 ppm and Nitrogen <1 ppm
    • Automated box pressure and regeneration control
    • PLC with multi-color touch panel display
    • ECO Mode operation feature available




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