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MBRAUN's MB-10-G gas purifier is a compact, affordable solution to achieving and maintaining ultra-low levels of oxygen and moisture when your research requires an inert environment. MBRAUN offers a wide range of options compatible with the MB-10-G such as box purge units, solvent traps and MBRAUN's own solid state oxygen and moisture analyzers.

The combination of both, MB-10-G and MBRAUN's proprietary oxygen and moisture analyzers allow for an accurate and consistent monitoring of the working atmosphere with nearly maintenance free operation.

Please contact us if you have questions choosing the right gas purification system for your application.


  • Available version for clean dry air (CDA)
  • For enclosures up to 2 m3
  • Removal of oxygen and moisture down to less than 1 part per million
  • Closed loop recirculation
  • PLC-M. Braun controller with large color touch panel
  • Multi-language display
  • Automated regeneration sequence
  • Box pressure control with foot pedal switch
  • All stainless steel piping type 1.4301 (SUS 304)
  • Electro-pneumatic main valves
  • Magnetic control valve
  • Encapsulated blower
  • Rotary vane pump with oil mist filter
  • UL listed and CE compliant