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The MB-PA-300 Clean Jet is specially designed to remove high amounts of SiO2 dust that is generated during glass melting processes in the glovebox. The clean jet acts as an effective dust and soot remover with a highly efficient particulate air filtration system. Gas flows through the filter which is controlled by means of electro-pneumatic valves and a blower unit. During standard operation gas is circulated from the box over the main filter and an additional safety filter. After passing through the blower and a heat exchanger it is blown back into the box. The system therefore represents the classical function of a vacuum cleaner – under inert gas conditions.

The MB-PA-300 Clean Jet is equipped with a single filter column which has a diameter of 300mm and holds 3 filter columns for high particle capacity. Clogging of the filters is observed by a differential pressure gauge and at a preset pressure; the filter is cleaned by pressure shock. The cleaning procedure is started on the touch panel of the connected gas purification. The dust from the main filter is collected in a particle container.

This particle container and the filter columns can be removed from the system. All filters columns and the particle container can be separated from the piping without exposing the piping or the attached glove box to the ambient atmosphere.

After cleaning and exchange of the filter columns the filter housings and the collecting vessel are manually evacuated and refilled with inert gas prior to the start of the vacuum cleaner to prevent contamination of the attached glove box system.

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  • Effective dust and soot removal from gloveboxes
  • Specially designed for removal of high amounts of SiO2 dust during glass melting processes
  • Closed loop performance through gas tight connections
  • High efficiency-particulate air filter for best performance
  • Stainless steel encapsulated blower with frequency converter
  • UL listed and CE compliant
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