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MB DR 6 and MB DR 10 Dispenser

MBRAUN bench top XYZ dispensing robots provide total control over adhesive placement, from controlled beads, lines, arcs and circles to repeat timed dots. Programming is simple via the teach pendant so that even complex patterns can be created quickly. High dispensing speeds are achieved reducing process-times whilst placement accuracy of the adhesive ensures absolute minimum waste material, no mess and a guaranteed minimal error rate.

Adapted specifically for OLED encapsulation the MBRAUN dispenser series offers highest flexibility, process repeatability, a variety of optional features, a compact design and is completely compatible with inert-gas equipment. Starting from manually operated stand-alone laboratory units up to fully integrated, robot loaded dispensing platforms in assembly lines MBraun dispensers are frequently used in R&D, pilot scale and manufacturing of air sensitive components. Covering a wide range of viscosities most materials including adhesives, pastes, epoxies, gels, silicones, sealants, cyanoacrylates, inks and lubricants can be dispensed.


  • Fully 3D programmable structures
  • High precision XYZ robot
  • Process optimized dispensing tools
  • Optional Windows based programming software
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