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Panel Design

In applications such as Flat Panel Display (FPD) manufacturing in which standard gloveboxes and even hood designs reach its limits, a unique approach has been created and perfected from the MBRAUN engineering team – the panel design. The panel design is a cost-effective platform that combines engineering expertise with the commercial requirements from global sourcing departments.

From a technical point of view the panel setup shall be considered when space restrictions on the site of final installation (e.g. cleanroom-doors) exist and when the third party component to be enclosed has unique shapes (polygon shape) or is exceptionally large. However its modularity is the predominant advantage when compared to other designs. As the panel concept is composed of several individually designed panels they can be replaced easily. This design makes it possible to retrofit, extend or simply modify the entire system in a later project phase months after the initial installation.

In the majority of custom systems built at MBRAUN, hood concepts and panel concepts are incorporated concurrently to engineer the optimum solution for every aspect of the project – commercially, technically and timely.

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