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Thin film deposition systems by MBRAUN include a variety of ways of depositing layers of material onto substrates. Our systems can be custom configured to include different coating techniques to meet the customer's exact specification.


MB Thermal Source

  • Single and double source set up available.
  • Max. electrical power 2000VA
  • Max. temperature depends on the used boat (e.g. Tungsten à up to 1800°C)
  • Thermal sources are used for metals like Ag, Ar, Al,...
  • Deposition rate controled by the electrical power
  • Co-evaporation available

MB Organic Source

  • Source for R&D or small series production
  • Various crucible sizes
  • Single or double source configuration
  • Integrated shutter*

MB E-beam

  • Tightly controlled beam spot distribution
  • Optimized beam deflection system
  • Highly efficient crucible & magnet cooling system
  • Compact design

MB Sputter

  • Sources are available in 3 different standard sizes: 2", 3" and 4"
  • Configured with RF, DC, pulsed DC, or MF power supplies.
  • Special sources on request!

*Organic source shutter sold separately in US and Canada.