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As the industries only high end spin coater with the clear purpose to be integrated into a fully automatic inert enclosure, the MB-SC-ADV has set new standards in operating precision, programming flexibility, system control and productivity. Meeting even the highest demands in rotation accuracy and stability, along with precise acceleration and deceleration, the spin coater has been designed for reliability, reproducibility and overall yield. Factors such compatibleness with supplementary process tools, reduced cost of ownership, a comprehensive set of optional features and an extensive array of adjustable parameters make this particular spin coater our highest end coating tool.

With its large list of standard features and a wide range of options, the MB-SC-ADV can be upgraded for greater automation demands, ultimately improving substrate to substrate process repeatability making it the perfect choice for high-end research and manufacturing environments.

Please contact us if you have questions choosing the right spin coater for your specification needs.


  • Main control with human machine interface (HMI)
  • Programmable process parameters (motion and media)
  • Quick change of substrate chucks
  • Manual or automatic dispensing of up to 6 different Medias
  • Highly uniform and repeatable thin wet layers
  • Comprehensive set of optional upgrades
  • Variety of standard and custom chucks available
  • From laboratory coaters to production scale
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