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The MB-SC-210 is an easy-to-use spincoater for precise and uniform deposition of thin films and coatings. Its compact, vibration free and inertgas compatible design makes it a versatile and vital tool in every research facility.

The MB-SC-210 has been specifically designed for the research & development of new processes and products in the organic electronics industry with the focus on solvent based materials. The coater is built in several modules which allow configuring the overall system setup to meet the individual requirements of each application. Glovebox compatible and user friendly the individual modules provide a convenient step-to-step approach for processing metal-organic solutions under inert conditions.

A menu-driven program and a lucid set of adjustable process parameters such as process time and rotation speed provide a reliable process platform even for users who do not have in-depth experience in spin coating techniques. Several standardized and customized chucks are available to give sufficient support to the substrate even at high rotation speeds. All chucks are machined to close tolerances to assure a smooth spinning process and uniform coating. The chuck selection should be based on substrate size, weight, shape and material in order to optimize the coating process and ensure repeatable results.

In summary the MB-SC-210 with all its optional features enables quick-testing of new material formulations and optimization work of existing processes thus making it a powerful and economic tool for your research.

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  • Available in stand alone and/or glovebox integrated configuration
  • Wafers up to 8" or substrates up to 6"x6"
  • Standardized and customized vacuum chucks
  • Speed from 100 up to 7000 rpm
  • Recipe programmable process parameters
  • Main control with human machine interface (HMI)
  • Comprehensive set of optional upgrades
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