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Roll-2-Roll (R2R)

MBRAUN has developed a Roll-to-Roll (R2R) processing platform that is specifically dedicated for applications which require extremely thin coatings to be deposited onto a flexible matrix under high vacuum conditions. The core of the system is based on several rollers, called the web, around which the substrate is routed through the processing area.

Suitable substrate materials which are frequently used on this platform include metal foils such as aluminium, copper and molybdenum or plastic matrices like PET, PVC or POF. A comprehensive set of deposition sources ranging from sputtering, E-beam,
organic and thermal sources allow for coating an almost unlimited amount of materials.

Applications in solar, batteries, and OLED lighting currently convert existing processes into R2R as it helps cutting down overall manufacturing costs whilst driving up production rates and yields.

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  • High vacuum process conditions
  • Roll-2-Roll process for a variety of flexible matrices
  • In-situ substrate heating
  • Co-deposition capabilities
  • Comprehensive set of deposition sources
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