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Nuclear Markets

1 Nuclear smA wide range of processes which involve the handling and treatment of radioactive materials face a common problem: the safety of the operating staff. Next to redundancy, quality control, environmental protection and compliance to series of national and international standards safety is the predominant aspect in the design of systems used in nuclear applications.

The task of protecting operators from radioactive threats - regardless of system size or specific application - always comes down to the safety-first principle which is the core of MBRAUN's design philosophy. Whether the application involves a system around the sampling point in the primary cooling circuit of a nuclear power plant, a sealed containment for decommissioning and stabilizing nuclear waste or just a laboratory sampling box for tracer experiments the user is protected from contamination with radioactive particles. Therefore special care has to be taken to create operator/material barriers impenetrable by radioactive particles. MBRAUN solutions provide that barrier. Additionally the system must be designed so that even faulty operation or malfunction of single parts does not cause any danger for the operating staff. During the risk analysis in the design phase of MBRAUN systems these scenarios are foreseen, discussed and the necessary safety precautions are implemented in the design.

2 Nuclear smDue to the complexity and harsh regulations for systems used in the field of nuclear waste, nuclear energy and nuclear research, containment enclosures become mandatory. In certain applications a sophisticated enclosure design is not sufficient, but more advanced retention systems to treat radioactive gases are required. Specifically for Tritium - the fuel of fusion reactors, which represent a new generation of nuclear power plants – MBRAUN offers dedicated solutions. In order to remove this radioactive substance from bulk gas streams so called Tritium Retention system have been developed which allow to safely collect the radioactive hydrogen instead of releasing it to the environment as it has been commonly done in the past.

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