Glovebox Workstations

Inert gas glovebox & systems for controlled atmospheres


  • Operator protection while working with nanoparticles
  • Glovebox operating in under pressure mode
  • Gas inlet and outlet with HEPA-Filters
  • Automatic generation of airflow in case of leak to guaranty the under pressure


The ISO-Pro-Nano glovebox with integrated blower is designed for operator protection while working with nanoparticles. It is operated in relative negative pressure to the environment (-200 Pa). The operator safety is guaranteed by the high leak tightness of < 1 vol%/h and the automatic (under)pressure control. In case of a leak (e.g., the breakdown of a glove) the blower generates a permanent inward gas flow with a velocity > 0.5 m/s to prevent the diffusion of box atmosphere into the surroundings. Many options are available to enrich the basic version such as with HEPA H 14 filters, inert gas purge operation, round/rectangular transfer chamber, push-push filter, round antechamber and its filtration, overpressure valve.

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