Engineering & Robotics

Engineering and Robotics

Engineering & Robotics

We provide a wide range of in-house developed process tools for all types of applications. From inert gas technology and thin-film applications to vacuum sublimation – regardless of what your requirements are, you can count on MBRAUN for the optimum solution. Our thinking is geared to the requirements of future processes in research, development and production. MBRAUN’s engineering experts develop and implement advanced and innovative concepts for pilot production lines and industrial- scale manufacturing systems.


  • Semi-automation mode for process development and full automation mode for large-scale production.
  • Expandability to increase tact time and tracking  & tracing capabilities.
  • Cleanroom class 2 environment to minimize particle effects (laminar flow).


The advantages of MBRAUN’s process tools / pilot-scale system are:

  • Increased material yields due to advanced coating techniques.
  • Elimination of particle effects on device performance due to laminar flow.
  • Extensibility for future process modules.
  • Easily scalable system concept, covering all aspects from R&D through to production.
  • Full tracking & tracing for quality control and process improvement.

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