Perovskite cell manufacturing

Perfect Perovskite manufacturing

Perovskite layers can be produced with different coating processes. This can be generally divided in following techniques:

  • Wet Chemical Method (solution process under ambient conditions)
  • Gas Phase preparation (vacuum process)
  • Hybrid methods - a mixture of both

Patented PEROvap solution

This patented vacuum deposition platform has specifically been designed to deposit perovskite materials with a low boiling point. A commonly used material with this characteristic is for example Methyl-ammonium iodide. Low boiling point results in re-evaporation of already deposited material even at room temperature preventing a repeatable and stable process.

Process control

  • Main chamber can be temperature controlled
  • Low temperature controlled in the Inner chamber
  • Minimized re-evaporation and crosstalk
  • Special ULTE (“Ultra Low Temperature Evaporator”) source has been developed and widely proven for the use of highly volatile substances such as MAI

→  Perfect process control & repeatability

High-End Design

  • Special organic halide deposition source
  • All component materials chosen for high corrosion resistance
  • Special design of all part and components to enable easy cleaning and maintenance especially with respect to the corrosive and poisonous Perovskite materials

Safety through Glovebox

  • Operation under inert gas condition
  • Safety features
  • Operator protection
  • Material protection

HZB sets new tandem solar cell world record, using MBRAUN systems

With the help of MBRAUN equipment, tandem solar cells based on perovskite were produced at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, achieving an efficiency of 32.5 percent.

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Our recommendations for the perovskite sector:


The PEROvap deposition system is glovebox integrated to operate under inert conditions to protect the materials from oxygen and water influence. The used highly volatile organic precursors require a defined evaporation at very low temperatures. Moreover, they can easily be re-evaporated from all chamber surfaces.


Particles negatively affect the cell structures of the batteries. MBRAUN is one of the few companies to achieve a clean room standard of ISO class 2 and O2 and H2O <1 ppm. We have adopted the proven cleanroom concepts, transferred the core technical elements to inert gas technology and combined them with in-house developments such as the HPL membrane.


Compact designed chamber 100% dedicated to perovskites. It can be integrated in existing MBRAUN gloveboxes. Usable for substrates up to 50x50 mm.

LABmaster pro

The LABmasterpro glovebox offers advanced features and benefits to meet our customers' needs. As a flagship model, the LABmasterpro is easily configured with our full range of purpose-built process tools and can be fully integrated with other third-party equipment.


Spin coating is commonly used in R&D as well as in industrial applications to coat thin layers onto rigid substrates. Easy programming of individual recipes include speed, acceleration and time. This gives users the flexibility to conduct advanced research, especially when air sensitive materials are being utilized.

Slot Die Coating

Slot-die coating is a highly scalable technique for the rapid deposition of thin and uniform films with minimal material waste and low operating costs. Slot-die coating is used to apply a variety of liquid chemicals to substrates made of different materials such as glass, metal and polymers.


The MB-OptiVap series is the current high-end solution in MBRAUN's deposition tool series. Designed for the requirements of specialized research up to pilot production, these tools are frequently used in industrial laboratories and state-of-the-art universities around the world.


The MBRAUN Hotplate Stack (HPL Stack) System is based on resistively heated, stacked hot plate technology. It has been designed to provide a space saving, flexible and modular tool with high productivity, excellent process repeatability and minimum cost of ownership.


MBRAUN Glovebox systems can be optionally equipped with ovens for dewatering or curing sensitive materials under controlled conditions.

All MBRAUN oven systems are specially designed for integration in inert environments and are also available as stand-alone units.

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