Applications of gloveboxes

Our Applications

High-tech applications such as OLED screens, LEDs, batteries, solar cells or pharmaceutical products require particularly protected production conditions. MBRAUN develops and supplies special solutions for research and processing of air-sensitive materials and components under inert atmosphere. In addition to inert gas glovebox systems, this also includes technical solutions for thermal treatment, vacuum coating, operator safety and automated material handling - from standardized laboratory systems to customized system solutions for industry.

Discover the LABmaster pro

The LABmasterpro glove box workstation offers enhanced features and benefits to meet the demands of our clients. As the flagship model, the LABmasterpro can be easily configured with our entire line of specially designed process tools and can be fully integrated with other third party equipment


New Deposition Tool MINIvap

MBRAUN’s mini-deposition tool consists of a dry turbo-molecular pump system with up to 70 l/sec and a single button operation. The MINIvap generates a base pressure less than 5e-6 mbar. The chamber is composed of stainless steel with a diameter of 150 mm, a exchangeable liner can be mounted as an option.
It may be integrated into existing MBRAUN gloveboxes, but can also be used as a stand-alone system.

New !


The MB-OptiVap series is the current high-end solution in MBRAUN's deposition tool series. Designed for the requirements of specialized research up to pilot scale production, these tools find frequent use in industrial laboratories and state-of-the-art Universities throughout the world.

New !

Discover the MB-ELFI

This electrolyte filling unit is designed for integration to a MBRAUN glovebox or as stand-alone component. It combines the automated and reproducible filling and sealing of a pouch cell in vacuum or inerted environment. The flexible holder concept and the manual loading are features ideal for laboratory application, teaching and research institutes.


The MINI PEROvap consists of a dry turbo-molecular pump system with up to 70 l/sec (Pfeiffer, HiPace80), as an option it can be equipped with a larger pump system with a LN2 cold trap.

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