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Glove Box Workstations

MBRAUN offers its researchers a wide range of ready to use glove box workstations that can be equipped with a comprehensive set of optional features. University and Industrial labs use glove boxes for the research and development of emerging technologies including Lithium Batteries, Chemical, OLED / PLED and Welding.

Please contact us if you have questions choosing the right glove box workstation for your specification.


Isolator systems are designed to meet the challenges and market requirements for low OEL containment systems in Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical devices, Radiopharmaceutical and Nuclear industries. A specialized group within MBRAUN called MECALAB is dedicated to meeting the exacting clean and controlled environment needs of these industries. Isolator technology provides a safe working environment, both ergonomically and safety for operators in research, manufacture, testing and handling hazardous materials.

Isolator and Containment Technology

Our dedicated MECALAB team members have detailed knowledge of both material handling procedures and the regulatory environment. They're your contact point with MBRAUN, ready to answer your requests and meet your application requirements.

Decades of experience have provided us a large installed customer base with references in all areas of application, from lab-size standard isolators to containment systems for complex production machinery.

At MBRAUN, we follow international and regulatory norms from our first contact with you to final product, including qualification and validation. We produce isolators to an Operator Exposure Level of 5 nanograms per cubic meter over 8 hours.

If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for in our isolator products then contact us as we have supplied systems into many other unique applications and always look for new challenges.

Coating Equipment

MBRAUN offers a full line of thin film coating equipment for all your application needs. Our line of coating products include thin film deposition systems, spin coaters, inkjet printing, slot-die coating and edge bead removing.

MBRAUN's coating equipment is available either integrated into a standard glovebox system, a customized enclosure or as a standalone unit. Depending on the complexity of the process all systems can be supplied to be either manually operated  or robot loaded. Please choose from our products below or contact us for more information.

Gas Purification

The purpose of the MBRAUN gas purification system, together with a glovebox is for the enabling and maintaining of a pure inert gas atmosphere inside a hermetically sealed enclosure. Materials that are sensitive to moisture and/or oxygen are handled by using the attached gloves or by means of specially designed handling systems.

Gas Purification Systems

Similar to our glovebox model offerings MBRAUN offers gas purification systems in a variety of configurations that meet the different demands of the marketplace. Gas purifier systems include our standard gas purifier systems (G-series), Inert gas management systems (IGMS series), high pressure gas purifier systems (HP series), particle absorber clean jet systems (Clean Jet Series) and our tritium retention systems. Configurations range from single column and double column purifier units with standard features to fully automated, multi-column custom purification systems used in industrial production scale applications.

Please contact us if you have questions choosing the right gas purification system for your specification needs.

Loadlocks and Antechambers

MBRAUN's offers both standard and custom antechambers and loadlocks for the purpose of introducing products into a dedicated working environment (glovebox, isolator, vacuum chamber) via an intermediate chamber. Antechambers and loadlocks allow for the sample manipulation without affecting the clean environment in the working atmosphere. Please choose from our standard and custom antechambers and loadlocks to find a solution that meets your application needs.

Please contact us for more information regarding our loadlocks and antechambers.

Ovens and Hotplates

MBRAUN glovebox systems can be optionally equipped with ovens and hotplates either for the removal of water and/or solvents from substrate surfaces or to cure sensitive materials under controlled conditions.

All oven and hotplate systems from MBRAUN have been specifically designed for being integrated into inert environments and are also available as standalone units. Please choose from the following oven and hotplate products offered at MBRAUN.

Custom Enclosures

Despite having a wide range of standard gloveboxes, specific applications especially from our industrial customers demand more unconventional shapes, sizes and configurations thus making customized enclosures a necessity in order to provide efficient solutions.

Engineers at MBRAUN have in depth experience in designing and manufacturing complete solutions while helping to improve overall productivity. For example, larger more complex gloveboxes and custom enclosures are usually integrated into industrial production lines while smaller more conventional units are used for research and development. Custom gloveboxes and enclosures, include special panel design systems, hood enclosures or even inert laminar flow when an efficient particle removal becomes necessary.

Please contact us or choose from the following designs of custom enclosures below:

Solvent Purification

MBRAUN Solvent Purification Systems (MB-SPS) offer users an easy, safe, and fast way to dry and dispense solvents. These systems operate by pushing the solvents through a series of drying columns resulting in moisture levels down to the ppm range. Dried solvents can then be either dispensed into a collection vessel directly at the system and/or into an integrated glovebox system.

The need for a safe alternative to distillation is in high demand and MBRAUN is available to meet those demands with high quality products and fully trained technical staff on call to answer your questions. Please contact us to choose a solvent purification system to meet your needs.

Encapsulation Equipment

MBRAUN offers both manual and auto encapsulation platforms for substrate preparation. The manual platform provides all relevant manual process stations to encapsulate substrates in a manual configuration integrated into a modular glovebox. This compact modular setup allows for the connecting of various kinds of deposition chambers, inkjets or spin coaters directly to the glovebox system so that the deposition process and the encapsulation process can be done within the same ultra high pure atmosphere.

The auto encapsulation platform provides all relevant process stations in a more advanced and optimized configuration. All process tools are designed and specially integrated with robot arm feed setup and streamlined processes. Please click on a links below to find out more about our encapsulation process tools.

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